Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. On Lettuce Take a Trip I share my food and travel experiences, hoping you will be inspired to take a trip yourself, even if it is only as far as to your kitchen, your garden or the local market. I believe you can find joy in the little things. You can broaden your horizon in many ways, especially when food is involved. One has to eat, right? Better make the most of it!

About Lettuce Take a Trip

My name is Astrid Engelen-Visser and I started working on this blog at the end of 2015. Lettuce Take a Trip was launched in May 2016. I thought my own experiences could be useful for others too, so here I’m sharing posts about travels, often in relation to food. 

My background

After graduating from journalism school I ended up working in publishing in Amsterdam. I’ve lived in the gorgeous capital of the Netherlands since 2003 and started working for an international academic publishing house in 2004, which allows me to travel all over the world. I always combine business with pleasure and thoroughly enjoy meeting people worldwide and going to dinner with them!

Where I usually travel to

I travel mostly in Europe and Asia, and spent brief periods of time living in Preston, England, as well as in Barcelona, Spain.


Through travels and business dinner, my palate developed. I prefer to eat healthily, but have no boundaries nor principles with regards to food, so I will try everything.

Favorite foods: Avocados (my avo love borders on obsession), tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, raspberries.

Favorite cuisines: Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese.


I feel very blessed to be able to travel for work and fun, and I think the people you travel with or meet on the road are an important part of the joy you experience. I’m always very happy whenever I can follow a local around to his favorite food spots and learn about the food customs and specialties of the place I’m visiting.

My love Titus
Meet my husband Titus: always supportive, always willing to eat – Photo by Giovanni Pagliuca

My husband Titus is equally obsessed with eating: having gone to culinary school and having worked at a high-end butcher shop in Amsterdam, he has a plethora of food knowledge. Since we moved in together we’ve found common ground in what we prepare at home: a little less meat for him, more baked potatoes for me (one of his signature dishes) and overall a lovely variety in food. Honestly, coming up with what we’ll eat for dinner is one of my highlights of the day. As a Virgo, I simply love planning!

Profile photo Astrid Engelen-Visser by Edwin de Kemp
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