De Ceuvel: hippie haven in Amsterdam-Noord

My favorite place to chill in Amsterdam is De Ceuvel, a hippie haven in Noord. It is cosy in winter time, but in summer it’s the best!


A former dilapidated shipyard, De Ceuvel plot was turned into an environmentally-friendly circular community of entrepreneurs and creatives. There are houseboats contributing to cleaning the polluted soil through innovative techniques and activities are held so you can learn more about living sustainably. Most of the area, including De Ceuvel Café, is built with locally sourced upcycled materials.

De Ceuvel: Repurposed houseboats are now home to eco-friendly entrepreneurs and creatives
Repurposed houseboats are now home to eco-friendly entrepreneurs


Going to De Ceuvel is an instant antistressor. Especially in summer, it feels like a little vacation even though you’re in the middle of Amsterdam. People flock here from all over the city looking for a relaxed time. I’m happy to have such a precious place around the corner!

De Ceuvel: The polluted soil is being purified by using innovative techniques
The polluted soil is being purified by using innovative techniques

What to do at De Ceuvel:

  • Take a dip in the canal
  • Have a responsible bite to eat
  • Get some work done under a parasol
  • Enjoy the sunset
  • Spend time with friends, family and pets in a relaxed atmosphere


Food and drinks

De Ceuvel’s philosophy shines through in its food and drink offerings. They serve fair trade tea and coffee and lemonade made from Amsterdam-based Saru Soda syrups. The best beer choice is Mr. Pietersen, brewed especially for De Ceuvel.

The food is mostly vegetarian, apart from the ‘unwanted goose’ of geese shot at Schiphol airport (to prevent them from disrupting airplanes). The dishes are light and the menu changes regularly. They have vegetarian bitterballen and kroketten of homegrown oyster mushrooms. The noodle salad is excellent!

De Ceuvel: Egg sandwich with mushroom 'bacon'
Egg sandwich with mushroom ‘bacon’

Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is held every Tuesday at De Ceuvel. Farmers and small businesses from in and around Amsterdam sell vegetables, bread, cheese and dairy products as well as items like homemade soap, chutney, wine made out of ‘rejected’ fruit and olive oil.  

You’ll need to order and pay online before Sunday night, and then collect your groceries on Tuesday evenings. The first Tuesday of the month’s market has a more expansive offering.

Happy chilling!

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