Exploring the Roman heritage of Nîmes

On a business trip to Montpellier a while back, I had a day off before heading back home and visited Nîmes, a small city half an hour away by train. Nîmes is known for its Roman heritage and there are some very impressive old sites to behold. Nîmes is a fairly small city in the south of France, which in the Roman era used to be situated along the Via Domitia, a road from Italy to Spain. Several sites from that time have been preserved, including the Maison Carrée (~19 BC) and the Arena (~ AD 70).

Nîmes Maison Carrée
Maison Carrée Nîmes
Inside Arena de Nîmes
Arena of Nîmes, France

Also worth a wander are the 18th century Jardins de la Fontaine at the foot of the Tour Magne, which offers an exquisite view over the  city when climbed. 

Nîmes Jardin de la Fontaine
Jardin de la Fontaine Nîmes
Tour Magne Nîmes
Tour Magne (Great Tower) Nîmes
Tour Magne Nîmes view
View from Tour Magne, Nîmes

The magnificent historical sites coupled with a vibrant small town vibe makes Nîmes definitely worth a detour. Enjoy!  

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