Recipe: Arugula pesto

Arugula Pesto ingredients

So, I grew two big pots of arugula in my windowsill and used the harvested leaves of one pot for days in salads, on sandwiches and as pizza topping. I used the rest to make pesto. Check the recipe here. 


What to do on Ibiza if you don’t want to go clubbing (or if you’re 30+ and can no longer be bothered)

Chirincana Cala Martina Ibiza

All Europe, Europe, Ibiza | June 28, 2016 | By

Whenever I tell people I’m going to Ibiza on vacation, first thing they say is: “Aha, you’re going to party.” Followed by a sly smirk. No. Au contraire. I’m going to relax.

So what can you do if you don’t want to go clubbing? Plenty.


Recipe: Guacamole

Guacamole recipe

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Guacamole! Oh, glorious guacamole! Everybody has their own take on this classic dip; I like to keep mine simple. 


Hong Kong’s outlying island escapes: Cheung Chau and Lantau Island

Stilt houses Tai O

All Asia, Asia, Hong Kong | May 30, 2016 | By

Hong Kong island and Kowloon have a lot to offer, but the hustle and bustle of the metropole can be a bit overwhelming. To escape the hectic city life, do as the locals do and go to one of the outlying islands. Here’s a guide of the islands I’ve visited most recently.


Recipe: Camembert salad with walnuts and apple

Camembert salad with walnuts and apple

After a spring-time barbecue, we were left with a smelly piece of camembert cheese in the fridge, and my fiancé asked me to finish it as soon as I could. I accepted the challenge and built a salad around the camembert, adding some other leftovers to it. 


An afternoon at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

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For a conference I was sent to San Sebastián in Spain, and besides conducting business and stuffing my face with pintxos (Basque tapas), I decided to combine the trip with some sightseeing. One day I had the chance to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.


Still life paintings: old school food porn

Still life by Floris van Schooten at Frans Hals Museum Haarlem, the Netherlands

During a recent visit with my mom to the excellent Frans Hals museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands, it occurred to me that still life paintings are the classic version of what we now call ‘food porn’. Why were our ancestors so keen on depicting food on their canvases? Read on for some background.


Exploring the Roman heritage of Nîmes

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On a business trip to Montpellier a while back, I had a day off before heading back home and visited Nîmes, a small city half an hour away by train. Nîmes is known for its Roman heritage and there are some very impressive old sites to behold. 


A peek into how Elvis lived at Graceland

I love to combine business and pleasure. So, when I had to attend a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, a few years ago, I decided to take some vacation around it and travel to New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville. Of course I had to go to Graceland! Here’s my story. 


A weekend with the monks in Koya, Japan

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Japan is a diverse country: from big, bustling cities to secluded islands and everything in between. I dare you to get bored there. I find the country fascinating and have been lucky to have had two vacations there (so far!). A temple stay with the monks in Koya is one of the special experiences I had there.