Question: How Do You Select Multiple Lines In Vi?

How do you copy multiple lines in vi?

Cut and paste:Position the cursor where you want to begin cutting.Press v to select characters (or uppercase V to select whole lines).Move the cursor to the end of what you want to cut.Press d to cut (or y to copy).Move to where you would like to paste.Press P to paste before the cursor, or p to paste after..

How do I paste a yanked line in vi?

To yank one line, position the cursor anywhere on the line and type yy . Now move the cursor to the line above where you want the yanked line to be put (copied), and type p . A copy of the yanked line will appear in a new line below the cursor.

How do I edit lines in vi?

To enter Insert mode, press i . In Insert mode, you can enter text, use the Enter key to go to a new line, use the arrow keys to navigate text, and use vi as a free-form text editor….More Linux resources.CommandPurposejMove down one line.kMove up one line.lMove right one character.24 more rows•Aug 20, 2019

How do you select multiple lines on a PC?

To select multiple files on Windows 10 from a folder, use the Shift key and select the first and last file at the ends of the entire range you want to select. To select multiple files on Windows 10 from your desktop, hold down the Ctrl key as you click on each file until all are selected.

How do I delete multiple lines in vi?

Deleting Multiple LinesPress the Esc key to go to normal mode.Place the cursor on the first line you want to delete.Type 5dd and hit Enter to delete the next five lines.

How do I select a line in vi?

If you’re already in vi, you can use the goto command. To do this, press Esc , type the line number, and then press Shift-g . If you press Esc and then Shift-g without specifying a line number, it will take you to the last line in the file.

How do I delete multiple lines in putty?

Instead, if you are using Putty, do the following:Select the text you wish to copy to the clipboard with the mouse first — this copies it to your local clipboard (i.e. Windows 7 clipboard), which nano can’t touch:Then, select your block in nano and use Ctrl-K to delete it.More items…

How do you select multiple lines?

Press Crtl + Shift + Alt + Arrow up/down to select multiple lines in Visual Studio Code. Note that the selected lines will be in one column (if possible). You can also mark some lines and then do this combination and you have all selected lines included. Moreover you can press and hold Alt and click the lines you need.

What is difference between yank and delete?

The delete command works the same as cut in a modern word processor.… … The y command works like the d command in that yy Yanks a line.… Just as dd.… Deletes a line and yw yanks a word,…y( yanks a sentence, y yanks a paragraph and so on.…

How do you select all lines in vi?

What is the shortcut key to select all from vi editor like (CTRL+a) with other editor? Press gg to go to the first line, then v for visual selection, and then shift+g to go to the end of file. There isn’t a single shortcut for this. Of course you can map the above commands and make your own shortcut.

How do you select multiple lines in Linux?

Place your cursor somewhere in or next to the first word you wish to select. While holding down Ctrl (Windows & Linux) or Command (Mac OS X), click in the next word you wish to select. Repeat until you’ve selected the words you want to change. Type to replace the selected words with your changes.

How do I copy from clipboard to Vi?

Use the yank commandChoosing a register. In Vim, you choose a register using ” .The system register. For both Mac and Windows, you can select the system register by using * .Putting it all together. Enter visual mode by hitting v . Select the text you want to copy, then type: “*y. Now go paste freely!

How do you select multiple lines in VS code?

Just press Alt + mouse left click on the lines you want to select. This will let you select multiple lines at once and let you edit them.

How do I copy text in Vi?

Move the cursor to the end of the text you want to copy or cut. You can use a movement command or up, down, right, and left arrow keys. Press y to copy, or d to cut the selection. Move the cursor to the location where you want to paste the contents.

How do you select and delete in Vim?

Press Esc . Move the cursor to the first line you want to remove. … Use Esc to switch to normal mode in Vim. … Move the cursor to the first line you want to remove. … Move the cursor to the last line you want to delete.