Question: Is Class 12 Physics Tough?

How can I get marks in 12th physics?

Tips to score good marks in CBSE 12 Physics are as under:During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible.

Scan the paper before answering.For long answer type questions.

Be crisp and to the point in very short questions..

How can I pass CBSE 12 physics?

Here are 15 tips to ace your CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam:Consult the blueprint of CBSE for Physics. … Divide the syllabus and then conquer. … Select topics carrying maximum weightage. … Highlight the key points as per the syllabus of the chapter. … Always carry a notebook for on-the-go revision.More items…•

Is Ncert enough for Class 12 boards physics?

NCERT is the most valuable and important book, not only for the class 12 board exam, but also for the various competitive exams like JEE (Mains and Advanced), NEET, AIIMS, etc. Many students find Physics difficult to study through NCERT. … But, always study only those topics, which are in NCERT.

Will CBSE give grace marks for physics?

Gaurav Macwan. CBSE 12th Physics Paper 2020 Wrong Question: As per media reports, CBSE Board has decided that it will be awarding 3 marks for questions that was found to be wrong in the Physics Question Paper for 12th Class students. … For such questions, the board is likely to award full 3 marks to the students.

Is 2020 board exam easy?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to make the Board examination 2020 easier for the students. … Now class XII students will also have a reduced number of descriptive questions in Board Exam 2020.

Is 12th Science hard?

Whether it is 10th or 12th the level of difficulty remains the same. … When used wisely and worked with smartness, 12th science will be much less stressful and difficult to ace. Importantly, the syllabus of 12th is less theoretical and more practical.

Does CBSE give marks at 12 2020 attempting?

Yes you will get marks for attempting questions provided that what you have attempted is somewhat related to the topic. … But remember if you do not know the answer,still attempt answer write what ever you know about topic asked in question. No matter if you are writing wrong but still try to attempt answer.

How was the physics paper 12 2020?

CBSE 12th Physics Board Exam 2020: Section A, B, C and D There was no overall choice. However, the internal choices were provided in two questions of one mark each, two questions of two marks, one question of three marks and three questions of five marks weightage.

Is class 12 physics easy?

Most of the students find the Class 12 Physics subject difficult. This is also due to the vast syllabus and derivations that are there in both parts of the NCERT class 12 Physics book.

Which is the easiest chapter in physics class 12?

Physics Easiest Important ChaptersElectrostaticsStart Chapterwise PracticeMagnetic Effect of Current and MagnetismStart Chapterwise PracticeElectromagnetic Induction & Alternative CurrentsStart Chapterwise PracticeCurrent ElectricityStart Chapterwise PracticeElectronic DevicesStart Chapterwise PracticeFeb 9, 2018

Is physics paper 2020 Tough?

Moreover, the Physics paper of 2020 was also quite heavy on the numericals and the questions were different between Sets 1 and 3. Despite the violence in northeast Delhi, 98.2% of students appeared for the CBSE board exam in northeast Delhi, CBSE stated in a press release.

How do you get full marks in physics?

Do you know how to score full marks in the Physics CBSE board exam for class 12? Follow these simple rules!Confirm the updated CBSE syllabus. … Pick up the important topics. … Grasp the logic behind derivations. … Numericals are equally important. … Pictorial/Graphical illustrations. … Refer to additional study material.More items…•