Quick Answer: How Do I Top Up My MRT Card?

How do I pay for Rapid KL bus?

Simply tap your card on the bus reader as you board the bus and the maximum fare of the route travelled will be deducted first from your card.

When you tap out your card before disembarking the bus, the system will automatically calculate your exact fare..

How can I reload my MRT card?

To avoid the additional service fee, customers can reload their card at Touch ‘n Go reload kiosk at selected LRT stations, reload machines at all MRT stations, Touch ‘n Go hubs, Touch ‘n Go sales counter operated by Touch ‘n Go. 7.

Top-Up channels and locations Selected MRT stations, bus interchanges and selected bus stops. TransitLink Ticket Offices. Selected MRT stations. Download the EZ-Link app from Google Play Store and top up your EZ-Link card, charms, and EZ-Link NFC SIM from your NFC-enabled Android Handset.

You can apply for Auto Top-Up (ATU) facility by credit card on your concession card using the EZ-Link app. Please download the EZ-Link app from the Google store or App store and register your concession card. Scan QR code to download the EZ-Link app….Activation of Auto Top-Up.Auto Top-up.Settlement of outstanding amount.

The top up function has arrived on iOS. Conveniently top up your ez-link card, EZ-Link charms or wearables anytime and anywhere! EZ-Link Wallet: Safe, secure and seamless payments are now possible with the EZ-Link Wallet.

Can I top up my MRT card online?

Top-up your ez-link anytime, anywhere Why queue up to top up your ez-link when you can do it seamlessly on the ez-link app with DBS PayLah! Simply download the EZ-Link app (Android) and select PayLah! as your preferred top-up method. Note: The top-up function is only available for NFC-enabled Android phones.