Quick Answer: How Do You Get Mehira AFK?

Is Mehira good AFK arena?

To my surprise she is in fact one of the best tanks, or off-tanks (especially paired with Lucius)!.

She is so good she has completely replaced Brutus where I would normally use him.

Not only can she tank, but as a tank she has something unique: powerful crowd control on ultimate!.

Can you hack AFK arena?

There are absolutely no diamond hacks or gold hacks in AFK Arena and any other online games, they are just trying to fool you.

Who is Brutus student AFK?

Brutus is a strength-based tank hero of the Mauler faction. He deals huge damage over an area, including his normal attacks.

What is there to do in AFK arena?

Download the AFK Arena APK here.Focus on Trekking Through the Campaign Until You Unlock Most of the Game’s Other Modes & Features. … Let Your Heroes Destroy the Opposition, Then Upgrade Them After Each Completed Battle. … You Should Go for the “Summon 10” Option When Trying to Recruit New Heroes.More items…•

What should I spend diamonds on in AFK arena?

The most effective ways to spend your Diamonds in AFK Arena are:Buying 10x Common Hero Scrolls = 2,700 Diamonds.Buying Elite Hero Soulstones in Normal Store.Buying Mythic Gears.

What are diamonds for in AFK arena?

One of the most important way of spending diamonds is to summon heroes in the Noble Tavern whether you are spending one summon for 300 diamonds or ten summons for 2700 diamonds. Diamonds can be also used to claim additional AFK chest rewards (50 diamonds, increases with consequent uses).

Who is Mehira obsessed with?

Esperian Idols Event Questions & AnswersSearch Search in Questions AnswersQuestionsAnswersEironn training sword skills withThane and BrutusMehira is obsessed withFawkesAnoki is loyal toSkriath155 more rows

How do you get AFK diamonds?

Free Diamonds (Gems): 10 Ways To GetBounty Board Rewards. Some Bounty Board quests give. … Arcane Labyrinth. The Arcane Labyrinth rewards diamonds for completing each floor. … Campaign Quests. … Daily and Weekly Quests. … Arena Rewards. … King’s Tower. … Peaks of Time. … Events.More items…

How many classes are in AFK arena?

Currently, a hero can fall into one of 5 available classes.

What are the best heroes in AFK arena?

AFK Arena Heroes – Tier SRosaline.Rowan.Safiya.Saurus.Shemira.Talene.Tasi.Ukyo.More items…•

How do you counter TASI?

Tasi – use Athalia / Nara. Also a dummy Brutus can trick her into banishing him if he gets one shot at the start.

Is Ferael good AFK arena?

Even though he’s mainly about control, Ferael is actually capable of dishing out a lot of damage when battle lasts for a long time. The largest downside to him is the fact that many of his powerful skill enhancements are locked behind higher level brackets. He will not perform that great at lower levels.