Quick Answer: How Do You Send Pictures Through EBay Messages?

How do I attach a photo to an Ebay message?

Click “respond” to message in Ebay messages,at the top there is a button to click to “attach photos”..

Does Gumtree hide your email?

The way gumtree works is if you have the email option enabled, when you reply to any email, the buyer gets your email address. It’s hidden for the first contact, it appears in the reply.

How do I send a video through eBay message?

Re: How do I attach a video to a message I want to send via eBay. You can’t do it via ebay messages. Ask them for their private email address.

How do you reply to a message on eBay?

To reply to a message, select the message, click the Reply button, enter your response, the select Reply.

How do I attach a photo to my messages?

Send Photo via Text MessageOpen the “Messages” app.Select the + icon, then choose a recipient or open an existing message thread.Select the + icon to add an attachment.Tap the Camera icon to take a picture, or tap the Gallery icon to browse for a photo to attach.More items…

How do I attach a file to an Amazon message?

From within the Message Center > Buyer/Seller Messages, they can contact you after you’ve emailed them or they can contact you directly and choose, “Subject: Product Customization”. There will be a button for attachments. They will be able to upload an image file.

How do I add a PDF to my eBay listing?

Additionally, there is no way to upload a PDF to eBay or to get a PDF to display directly in a listing as a readable page. If you have something like MS Word, you could create a pretty page, export as HTML, and then copy and paste that HTML code into the HTML tab of eBay’s description editor.

How do I send a picture to someone on ebay?

If you go to the item in your purchase history, on the right under more actions is the link to contact the seller. Follow the prompts and when you go to write the message, there is a small blue link under the message box to add a photo. “Attach photos”.

How do I send multiple pictures in a text message?

Send Multiple Photos On Android PhoneOpen the Photos or Gallery app on your Android Phone or tablet.Tap and hold on any photo, until you see check boxes appearing on all photos.Select all the Photos that you want to send by tapping on them.Now, Tap on the Share icon (See image above)More items…

How do you get paid on Gumtree?

When you’ve agreed to the sale, the seller will request the payment in the Gumtree app. You can then review the payment request information in the Gumtree app and choose your preferred payment method. Once you’ve confirmed the payment, the money will appear in the seller’s PayPal account.

Can you attach a video to eBay messages?

Answers (1) They can’t. ebay will strip out the email address if included.

How do I attach a document to an eBay message?

The “ATTACH” icon is at the top of the message area.

How do I attach a photo to a Gumtree message?

Sellers can now send pictures via Messages? When replying to an email in My Messages, you’ll now see an “Add Pictures” button above the text box. Click on the “Add Pictures” button and a pop-up window will ask you to upload pictures from your computer. You may select a maximum of 5 pictures, each with the following requirements:More items…•

How many photos can I put on Gumtree?

9 imagesOn Gumtree you can post up to 9 images It is recommended to include 9 pictures. The aim of the pictures is to help the buyer visualise the car.

How do I upload photos to eBay from my phone?

How to add pictures to listingsIn your listing form, select Add Photos.Browse to find the photos you want – they should be no more than 7MB each. … Crop, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast of the photo using the icons in the uploader preview, then select Save.