Quick Answer: What Zone Is Bexleyheath?

Is Bexleyheath in Oyster zone?

Bexleyheath railway station is in the London Borough of Bexley in south east London, and is in Travelcard Zone 5.

The station, and all trains serving it, is operated by Southeastern.

There are ticket barriers at both entrances..

What zone is barnehurst?

Barnehurst railway stationBarnehurstNumber of platforms2AccessibleYesFare zone6National Rail annual entry and exit18 more rows

Is East Croydon on oyster?

East Croydon station You can top up pay-as-you-go on Oyster using the self service ticket machines. Oyster Cards cannot be purchased at this station.

How far is Gravesend from London?

22 milesThe distance between London and Gravesend is 22 miles.

Can you tap out at Dartford?

Dartford and Swanley fall within the London Fares Zones 1-9 so you can use contactless at these stations.

Is it cheaper to use Oyster on National Rail?

With Oyster PAYG you get the cheapest appropriate single fare on National Rail services in London which means you pay less than the cash fare. There are peak and Off-Peak Oyster single fares on National Rail with the fare set when you touch in at the start of your journey. … Top up Oyster online at the TfL website.

Which zone is Croydon?

East Croydon is a railway station and tram stop in the town of Croydon, Greater London, England, and is located in Travelcard Zone 5. At 10 miles 28 chains (10.35 mi; 16.66 km) from London Bridge, it is one of the busiest non-terminal stations in London, and in the United Kingdom as a whole.

How safe is East Croydon?

East Croydon Station declared ‘secure’ after a year of rising crime in 2018. East Croydon Station saw crime rates rise in 2018 from 2017 but have now been declared secure in new campaign. Hundreds of UK railways stations have been declared secure as they take steps to reduce crime on their grounds.

What zone is Ealing?

Ealing Broadway stationEaling BroadwayNumber of platforms9Fare zone3London Underground annual entry and exit201516.84 million35 more rows

What zone is Penge?

The station and all trains that call are operated by Southeastern, as part of the Bromley South Metro service. Penge East is in Travelcard Zone 4.

You can use Oyster on all of our trains for journeys that start and finish in the London Travelcard area.

How far is London from Dartford?

15 milesThe distance between Dartford and London is 15 miles. The road distance is 16.8 miles.

Which zone is Streatham in?

Streatham railway station is a station in central Streatham in south London. Its main entrance now is on Streatham High Road, and is in Travelcard Zone 3. Services are provided by Southern and Thameslink.

What zone is Dartford?

Dartford entered the TfL zonal Oyster/contactless system on Sunday 6 September 2015, in Zone 8. Whilst season tickets, daily capping and contactless weekly capping are set at standard Zone 8 levels, single fares from Dartford are lower than “standard” Zone 8 fares.

What zone is Southall?

Southall is a railway station on the Great Western main line in Southall, London, England. It is in Travelcard Zone 4 and passenger services are provided by Great Western Railway from London Paddington and by TfL Rail to Heathrow Airport.