Indulge your sweet tooth in Paris


Paris is the perfect location to let your epicurean desires roam free. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, you can connect the dots between a never-ending chain of culinary highlights. Bring an appetite and a well-stocked wallet.


Starting the day with a croissant or two is a no-brainer. For some variation, you can try a pain au chocolat (chocolate-filled pastry) or a chausson aux pommes (literally ‘slipper with apple’). These puff pastry delights fall under the category ‘viennoiserie’. Keep your eyes peeled while roaming the streets of the City of Light: there’s no shortage of viennoiserie around! We love Lenôtre

Viennoiserie from Lenôtre

My boyfriend Titus has a big appetite and thinks nothing of eating five items of viennoiserie each morning. We like high-end patisserie Lenôtre, but even the supermarkets sell great croissants. In my opinion, a vacation gives you a valid excuse to indulge, if you need one at all. Paris is a big city and you can easily spend hours walking there, marvelling at all the pretty sights and quaint street scenes. You’ll easily walk off the extra calories consumed.


Restaurants offer ‘formules’: set menus for lunch (or dinner) that are very economical and – as you’d expect from the French – very good. However, one can’t last all day on lunch alone with all this wandering around, so you’re going to need some more fuel to keep you going.



Crepes are omnipresent, just like viennoiserie. The traditional crepe is served with Nutella. You can find it in street stalls or in restaurants. If you like, you can add banana or even ice cream.



Another option for a mid-day snack is to take a rest in a patisserie for a luxurious treat. A pastry, some macaroons, perhaps a slice of pie. Your eyes will be pleased as well as your tastebuds. A famous patissier is Ladurée, world-renowned for its macaroons. The Ladurée shop and tearoom on the rive gauche (left bank) of the city, on Rue Bonaparte, still maintains some of the old-fashioned flair of the brand. Kitschy? Yes, but pretty nonetheless. The hot chocolate with whipped cream is to die for. Some other addresses for a sweet break are Bread and Roses and Angelina.

Sweetness at Ladurée
Sweetness at Ladurée



After a mid-day snack it’s almost time for l’apero (‘the aperitive’, cocktail hour) followed by dinner and you will have spent most of your day eating. Bliss!

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