Recipe: Veggie-packed pasta in fresh tomato sauce

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Whenever my husband Titus and I can’t think of what to cook, we rely on this pasta recipe. In our house, it’s dubbed Pasta à la T. I know it says here that this one is for four to six persons, but to be honest, we will eat this for days on end until the last morsel with just the two of us. 

A healthy, hearty dish chock-full of nutrients and goodness suitable for all seasons! 


Recipe: Pasta salad with beetroot, blue cheese and avocado

easy lunch salad

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Brighten your lunch with this healthy, filling and colorful pasta salad.


Gluten-free joys alongside pizza, pasta and gelato in Florence, Italy

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“It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.” That’s what I thought when I was asked to spend a week in Florence for work. Going to an open air museum with one hell of a cuisine to boot? Sign me up!