Visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

A visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London had been on my wish list for a while. Arthur Conan Doyle’s books about the Master of Deduction are classics and still popular to this day, films and series have been made and everybody loves Benedict Cumberbatch, right? In between meetings on a last week’s business trip, I found some time to go to 221B Baker Street. So, is the museum worth a visit? Read on for my verdict!

Getting to the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Baker Street itself is a rather miserable street. It is a busy throughway for traffic and it is full of fast food restaurants and souvenir shops. The block on which the museum is located is slightly less dreary.

Dr. Watson's desk Sherlock Holmes Museum
Dr. Watson’s desk

Before getting into the Sherlock Holmes Museum

You can buy a ticket (adults: 15 GBP) at the shop adjacent to the museum before queuing up. I was there on a Thursday around 11 AM and the wait took about half an hour. When people come out, they let other people in, so it does not get too crowded inside. I thought it was interesting to see the diversity of people waiting to get in. Apparently, everybody loves Sherlock Holmes! 

Sherlock Holmes chair in the Sherlock Holmes Museum
Sherlock used to sit in this chair with the light behind him, so people couldn’t read him, but he could read his guests.

In the Sherlock Holmes Museum

As you will know from the books or series and films, Sherlock lived with Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson. You will see their rooms recreated. For me, the most interesting one is the living room on the first floor, where Sherlock uses his powers of deduction on visitors. You can’t sit in his or Dr. Watson’s chairs unfortunately. A guide gives a brief introduction to the living room and Sherlock’s bedroom.

Upstairs are the rooms of Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson. One floor up is a super creepy wax figure display, showing criminals from a few of the stories, Irene Adler and Sherlock’s nemesis Moriarty.

Pipes Sherlock Holmes Museum
Sherlock’s pipes

Is it worth going to the Sherlock Holmes Museum?

To be brutally honest: no, not really. It is mildly amusing, but since Sherlock is a fictional character, I think it is better to keep him as you imagined in your mind and rather spend the 15 pounds you would for the entrance fee on books or a library subscription.

If you would like to buy some Sherlock memorabilia, you can go to the shop for free. It has a ton of fun stuff. 

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